Classes With A Touch Of Class.

kqool dimensionaltraining® is a group class based fitness system. Our classes combine motivation, high energy, and intensity in a  professional, upscale environment.  You can arrange for private sessions, but we have found that classes are a more fun and social way to train.  Our philosophy is to address the body in its entirety.  We employ a 20/40 (HIIT) High Intensity Interval Training system that strengthens your weakest areas first. 

It’s a system.

Dimensional is more than just lifting weights and bulking up.
We are about overall strength, health, fitness and well-being.
Our classes are 60 minutes long –  20 minutes of strength and correction and  40
minutes high intensity.  Everyone can beneft from kqool dimensional training.

kqool dimensional training is founded on multi-dimensional muscle engagement. While most training methods focus on individual muscles, linear actions, and repetitive exercises, kqool’s revolutionary routines consist of multi-directional movements that challenge the body as a whole and demand intense mental focus. (Expect to burn 300 to 500 calories in a single kqool session). Rest assured that boredom, plateaus, and burnout will not be an issue as kqool routines are creative and ever changing.